10 Unique & Fun Things to Do in Twin Falls Idaho

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Twin Falls is a relatively modest city in southern Idaho with a population of over 50,000. It is this small in size, yet the place inspires its guests with genuinely flawless landmarks and notable historical heritage spots. These make visitors visit the place, and once isn’t enough. Located on the Snake River Canyon, one of the most remarkable gorges in the US territory, the city delights guests with natural beauty that one cannot find elsewhere.

The beautiful surroundings of this place will leave you breathless. Twin Falls is almost entirely Mormon. Therefore, it puts its temples at the center of political and religious life. As you can see, there is no city like this in southern Idaho.

You will start enjoying the beauty of Twin Falls the moment you reach Perrine Bridge, stopping at a gas station near the Visitor Center. The more you explore, the more you love this remarkable scenery. And in an instant, you decide to revisit this place in the future. If you are a first-time tourist, I only wish your trip lasts a little longer.

things to do in twin falls

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Amazing Things to Do in Twin Falls, Idaho

Do you want to know more about some of the best things to do in Twin Falls, Idaho? If so, I have your back. I like exploring and have made many trips to Southern Idaho. Let me tell you more about the things to do in Twin Falls, Idaho.

Head to Perrine Coulee Falls

How about you visit the Perrine Coulee Falls? The site is not far from Perrine Bridge. You can either see it from the top of the canyon, hike to it, or drive to it. I prefer to drive to it through the Centennial Falls Canyon entrance. Once you see the large curve with cars parked on the left side of the road, you’ll see a small opening that leads to Perrine Coulee Falls. The falls are spectacular, and you can even walk right behind them!

Shoshone Falls

Some of the best Twin Falls attractions include Shoshone Falls or Niagara of the West. This waterfall is about 212 feet higher than the Niagara Falls. The greatest advantage of visiting Shoshone Falls is its close location to downtown Twin Falls, and once you have toured the city, visiting the falls should be easy. You can drive to the falls or take the scenic Snake River Canyon Trail.

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Diekres Lake Direct

Shortly after your trip to Shoshone Falls, you can visit Deirkes Lake for more fun activities, as this destination is so close by. This is definitely among the best things to do in Twin Falls during the summer season to escape from the heat. What makes it even better? Well, it is less than a mile away from Shoshone Falls. So, you can stop there to relax after a visit to the falls.

This 191-acre park has lots of green space and a playground with picnic tables. Feeling tired? Stretch your legs by walking on a dirt trail that leads you around the lake. If you would like to embark on a fun adventure, simply rent out the non-motorized boats, canoes, and kayaks at Dierkes Lake for paddling around. Moreover, if the desire to dive into the water arises, head to Dierkes Lake because it is perfect for scuba diving.

Visit the Herrett Center for Arts and Science

This is an educational Twin Falls, Idaho attraction. Herrett Center for Arts and Science is a non-profit museum and part of the College of Southern Idaho. The museum educates and enlightens all visitors despite their age. The one thing you must do in this museum is to explore the planetarium.

The performance that takes place at the Earl and Hazel Faulkner Planetarium is one-of-a-kind. This is Idaho’s largest planetarium theatre, and its sound system and screens are world-class. If you plan on coming to Twin Falls with children, you should visit the Herrett Center for Arts and Science. Apart from the planetarium, it has incredible displays of natural history and art and an observatory.

Head to Centennial Waterfront Park

Snake River Canyon is the central zone of recreation. Fun locations include the Centennial Waterfront Park. For a start, you can do many things, including hiking, rock climbing, and bird watching. The local Awol Adventure Sports company runs kayak and stand-up paddleboard rentals each season. In addition to this, it also operates a nearby zipline course, which offers fantastic views of the area. Also, guided river trips are available from the park through local concessionaires.

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Have Your Lunch or Beverage at Canyon Rim

There are quite several great spots in Twin Falls for food and drinks, but if there’s something you shouldn’t miss, it’s grabbing a drink or meal at Canyon Rim! How does happy hour at Elevation 486 sound, to enjoy the magnificent view? Visit this place during a summer evening to watch the sunset as you sip Idaho Lemonade or Corona Rita. Happy hour is between 2 and 5 in the evening each day! After a few drinks, visit Red Hawk Gastropub for dinner.

Canyon Springs Golf Course

Looking for more stuff to do in Twin Falls? It’s time to play golf at Canyon Springs Golf Course. A good golfer would enjoy the challenge. Canyon Springs Idaho Golf Course is a world-class spot and is the perfect place for anyone who wants to take their game to the next level.

The course sits next to Centennial Waterfront Park. It has the falls, a river, and a lot of rocks to enhance its landscapes. All in all, if you were to play golf at this course, it would mean that you would have to bring a change of clothes.

Eat at The Buffalo Café

Buffalo Café is a simple setting. The restaurant offers a mouth-watering food menu. The breakfast and lunch dishes will leave you licking your fingers. Plus, you will enjoy being served by friendly waiters who are ready to help you and ensure a pleasant experience.

The Buffalo Café is a small restaurant, so it’s usually busy. Getting a table and food can take a while. Of course, the wait will be worth it. Without a doubt, you’ll agree with this statement after you take the first bite of the meal you ordered: eating at The Buffalo Café is one of the best things you can do in Twin Falls, Idaho. So, ensure you check it out.

things to do in twin falls idaho

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Try Tandem Base Jump

Do you want to have a lifetime experience? Yes? Don’t let this opportunity pass. With a highly experienced BASE instructor in the city of Twin Falls, you can make your first-ever jump off the Perrine Bridge. The instructors are experts in tandem jumps, and you’ll get their assistance jumping the Perrine Bridge while you enjoy the amazing surroundings of the Snake River Canyon.

Visit a Hot Spring

In the Twin Falls area lies both Miracle Hot Springs and Banbury Hot Springs. Are you looking for a family gateway or a romantic weekend? Either way, Miracle Hot Springs has you covered.

Banbury Hot Springs is just a short drive from Miracle Hot Springs, which has a sizeable artesian swimming pool as well as onsite camping. The same person owns both springs. Want some privacy? Check out their mineral hot tubs and Jacuzzis on site.

Experience Twin Falls Today!

There you go! There are so many things to do in Twin Falls, Idaho. So, if you are searching for a fun place with many natural sites, come here. With so many attractions to experience, Twin Falls should be your next destination. What are you waiting for?

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