Hello and welcome to True-To-You.net! If you’re here, it’s crucial you understand and agree to our terms. Let’s break them down:

1. The Agreement

By surfing, scrolling, or skimming through True-To-You.net (let’s call it our “Digital Home”), you’re giving us a nod of agreement to these terms. If they don’t sit well with you, we’d advise not using our Digital Home.

2. Change is the Only Constant

We live in a rapidly changing world, and our terms are no exception. If we tweak things here, and you keep using the site, that means you’re okay with the changes.

3. Play Nice

We expect every visitor to behave. So, please avoid posting stuff that’s mean, illegal, or could hurt someone’s feelings. Let’s keep our online space friendly.

4. Our Stuff is Ours

Every piece of content here – be it words, doodles, or photos – belongs to True-To-You.net. American and international laws protect these, so please be respectful.

5. Your Two Cents

We appreciate your thoughts, and if you share them here, understand that we don’t treat them as top-secret. They’re open for everyone to see.

6. No Promises

Everything on our Digital Home is shared as-is. That means we can’t make grand promises or guarantees about its accuracy or reliability.

7. Don’t Blame Us

If something goes south while you’re using our site – be it a piece of advice you took or a glitch you experienced – we can’t be held responsible.

8. U.S. Laws in Charge

We operate under U.S. laws, particularly those of California. If ever there’s a legal tussle (though we hope there isn’t), it’ll be dealt with in courts here.

9. Final Bits

If any part of this agreement doesn’t hold up for some reason, the rest of it still stands strong.