70 Best Solo Date Ideas to Have Fun by Yourself

self date ideas

Do you know anything more fulfilling than knowing you can rely on yourself no matter what? You can only achieve this by creating time for self-care and self-love. Going on solo dates is a great way to care for and love yourself.

Top 70 Best Self-Date Ideas You Should Try

Have you tried solo dating before? After giving it a try, I was surprised at how fulfilling it was. The critical thing about lone dating is it should be intentional.

Solo dating will give you confidence since it helps you to get a deeper meaning of self-love and acceptance. In addition, solo dates will empower you to embrace independence and be more self-reliant.

The first thing I do when planning a solo date is schedule a dedicated time. In addition, I also set my intentions and create a list of meaningful activities. Every time I go on a solo date, I ensure I disconnect completely from any distractions.

If you are still trying to figure out where to start for your solo date, please pick any of the following solo date ideas.

At-Home Solo Date Ideas

  1. Wear your favorite pajamas, pour your favorite drink, and get paint and canvas. Sip while painting!
  2. Is there anything that beats these three combinations when you are home alone? Your favorite book, a relaxing night, and no one to disturb you.solo date ideas
  3. Do away with the get-the-job-done showers and have a nice self-care shower for an astonishing self-care experience.
  4. Treating myself to something I have always wanted boosts my morale. What about you? You can have an online shopping spree and get what you have always wanted.
  5. Bake a new recipe.
  6. Do a home improvement project like spicing up your living room space or redecorating your bedroom.
  7. Pamper yourself with an at-home spa night. Do face masks, manicures, hair masks, pedicures, etc.
  8. Do you believe that a happy tummy is a happy life? If you do, prepare yourself a special dinner.
  9. Enjoy a full-blown movie night. Ready your homemade popcorn, favorite sweatpants, and candy to watch your favorite movie.
  10. Who said you can only have fun at clubs? Pour yourself a drink, crank up high-spirited music, and dance like there is no tomorrow.
  11. Treat yourself to a fancy breakfast in bed.
  12. Listen to motivational videos from your favorite mentors.

Cheap Solo Dates Ideas

  1. For a solo date, I would love to go to the beach and collect seashells.
  2. Once, I treated myself to a solo date by picking rocks, painting them, and decorating my space with them.
  3. It is always good to write something nice about yourself. List the good things about yourself and frame them!
  4. Making a gratitude jar and filling it up can be an excellent solo date idea.
  5. If you love books, what better way to spend a solo date than going to a new bookstore and exploring new books?
  6. Going to a thrift store or garage sale to look for used items sold at a discount would be an excellent way to spend alone time.solo dates ideas
  7. You can opt for rock climbing.
  8. Get out, go to a nearby natural reserve, and enjoy the beautiful scenery while birdwatching.
  9. You can go for ice cream hunting at your nearby spot and try new flavors.
  10. If you are a photography enthusiast like me, take photos of fragrant blossoms in a lavender field.

Relaxing Solo Date Ideas

  1. Visit the gym.
  2. Visit a florist and gift yourself some flowers.
  3. Go camping at the beach.
  4. Busk in the beautiful delight of stars at night while making a wish.
  5. Disconnect from people by booking an Airbnb at a secluded place and meditating.
  6. Go for dry saunas and hot tubs at a nearby luxurious spa.
  7. Buy scented candles, pour yourself wine, and journal your thoughts.
  8. Go for yoga classes.
  9. Go for watercolor painting.
  10. Wake up early before sunrise and do a self-reflection.
  11. Spend your day beside a pool sipping your favorite drink.
  12. Treat yourself to a fancy manicure and pedicure.
  13. Go for Pilates sessions.
  14. Treat yourself to a fancy hairstyle.

Foodie Solo Date Ideas

  1. Go for cooking classes nearby and learn new cuisines. You can also do online courses while chilling in the house.
  2. If you love a perfectly balanced drink, take a mixology class and learn new drink ideas.
  3. Learn more about beer and winemaking by visiting your nearby brewery or winery.
  4. Make a hybrid snack board and include all your favorite foods.
  5. Go to that fancy restaurant you have always dreamt of going to and order an extravagant meal.
  6. Do you know of any backyard with a lovely view? Pack your favorite food, go to that backyard, and enjoy a sunset picnic.
  7. Rush to a farmers’ market, shop for fresh produce, and prepare a gourmet meal.
  8. Go to the container store, buy supplies, and organize your pantry.

Free Self-Date Ideas

  1. Have a night walk and enjoy the fresh air.
  2. Find a car and go for a drive while playing excellent music.
  3. Look for nearby stores and go for window shopping.
  4. Do you find it fun looking at unique things? Visit a local street fair near you.
  5. What better way to enjoy alone time than writing yourself a love letter under the stars?
  6. Hit the road and pump those endorphins.
  7. Consider digital detox for a day and pay full attention to self-care.
  8. Find out what’s happening in your community and attend any free local event.
  9. Spend your day redeeming gift cards or reward points.solo date night

Fun and Adventurous Self-Date Ideas

  1. Wander leisurely at a nearby museum.
  2. Be a tourist and tour your city, identifying new fun spots.
  3. Go to a grand performance theatre and enjoy your favorite shows.
  4. Find a fancy club and dance yourself out while drinking.
  5. Are you a sports enthusiast? Go to a sporting event and root for your team.
  6. Gear up and go for hiking.
  7. Go for solo camping and enjoy the nature.
  8. Find a fundraiser walk with a cause aligned with you and walk in it.
  9. Go to a coffee shop with your favorite book and enjoy reading while sipping coffee.
  10. Go to a comedy show and crack your ribs.
  11. Take a sightseeing tour.
  12. Go for a solo date night and attend a nearby museum.
  13. You can search for a concert and attend it.
  14. If you want adrenaline-rush activities, go for skydiving or zip lining.
  15. Go kayaking.
  16. Dress to impress and attend an opera.
  17. Go for a karaoke night.


Dating yourself is the best form of self-development. You can choose between indoor or outdoor activities and ensure you have an excellent “Me” time. What would it be if you could go for a solo date today?

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