Favorite lyrics on You Are The Quarry

"America Is Not The World"1
"America Is Not The World"2
From "Irish Blood, English Heart"3
From "I Have Forgiven Jesus"4
From "Come Back To Camden"5
From "Come Back To Camden"6
From "I'm Not Sorry"7
From "Let Me Kiss You"8
From "I Like You"9
From "You Know I Couldn't Last"10
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1. From "America Is Not The World":

America / the land of the Free, they said
and of opportunity / in a Just and a Truthful way
but where the President
is never black, female or gay
and until that day
you've got nothing to say to me
to help me believe / in

2. From "America Is Not The World":

America / it brought you the hamburger / well
America / you know where
you can shove your hamburger
and don't you wonder
why in Estonia they say
"hey you, you big fat pig" / "you fat pig"
"you fat pig" - ?

3. From "Irish Blood, English Heart":

Irish blood, English heart
this I'm made of
there is no one on earth
I'm afraid of

4. From "I Have Forgiven Jesus":

Why did you stick me in
self-deprecating bones and skin
Jesus - do you hate me?

5. From "Come Back To Camden":

Drinking tea with the taste of the Thames
sullenly on a chair on the pavement
here you'll find / my thoughts and I
and here is the very last plea from my heart / forevermore

6. From "Come Back To Camden":

Your leg came to rest against mine
Then you lounged with knees up and apart
and me and my heart
we knew / we just knew

7. From "I'm Not Sorry"

and I'm / not sorry for
for the things I've said
there's a wild man
in my head
there's a wild man
in my head

8. From "Let Me Kiss You":

Close your eyes
and think of someone
you physically admire
and let me kiss you
let me kiss you

9. From "I Like You":

you're not right in the head
and nor am I / and this is why
this is why I like you

10. From "You Know I Couldn't Last":

so don't let the blue
the blue eyes fool you
they're just gelignite
loaded and aiming right between your eyes