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Now my heart is fuller

29 July 2015

Now my heart is fuller

Jesse Tobias

Now I know what Rollermania was like (you are too young to remember), and now I know what Osmondmania was like (you are too young to remember), and now I know what Beatlemania was like (everyone is too old to remember). Thank you for our best ever American tour. We are engulfed by a sense of indebtedness and joy. The credit for such a wonderful tour is all yours. We simply turn up and hope for the best and that best is you.

Eternity caught magnificently in the moment:

1. Salt Lake City (18 July) Depot
2. Seattle (21 July) Benaroya Hall
3. San Jose (25 July) Event Center
4. Cincinnati (30 June) Aronoff Center
5. Akron (29 June) Civic
6. Nashville (3 July) Ryman Auditorium
7. Detroit (8 July) Masonic Temple
8. New York City (27 June) Madison Square Garden
9. Bloomington (11 July) Center for Performing Arts
10. Worcester (24 June) Hanover Theater
11. Washington (17 June) Echostage
12. Philadelphia (20 June) Academy of Music
13. Denver (16 July) Red Rocks
14. Atlanta (13 June) Symphony Hall

... and this list continues. Yet it halts at the mere mention of the Firefly Festival - an absurd situation best forgotten.

However, what has caused this sudden new life form? Why are we back in the glory days of 1991/92? Why now? I rashly imagine it is partly public support in response to World peace is none of your business being axed in its prime by Steve Barnett - that cheap model of Humpty Dumpty whose Harvest/Capitol label can offer the world absolutely nothing in place of World peace is none of your business. I believe that his actions have enraged many people throughout the world, and the fact that he still has a job indicates the hellward march of a music industry that will never allow itself to be surprised by anything that is not endorsed by television 'talent' shows (none of which have yet produced one single lasting or meaningful star). However, he is now unworthy of further mention. He lives inside his own skin, which is surely punishment enough.

The heart fretted slightly at the Sydney book-signing. I had no idea that the shop would only allow 220 people in, and I only later learned that the shop threatened police action against anyone who loitered within or outside of the shop without one of those special-invitation confirmation things: a fascinating way to treat grown adults. Consequently, the Sydney book-signing was an outstanding non-event, and only later do to we learn the facts.

Our four nights at Sydney Opera House left me too much in love with whatever it is I do to ever hang back. Although my achievements are generally ignored by the media, my heart records everything, and I fall over with gratitude to all of the people who made the four Opera House nights instant sell-outs. My prayers of thanks to the people of Sydney, I know, could never be sufficient to repay their love and respect.

What is it all about, really? So much love in such a very cruel world. I say the latter as I read about Walter James Palmer of Eden Prairie in Minnesota who murdered the very beautiful and much-loved lion named Cecil, so trusting of people and leading such a contented life until Walter James Palmer (a dentist at River Bluff Dental in Minnesota) lured Cecil to a death that took 40 hours of pain before the lion died. How does our society produce people as evil as Walter James Palmer? Well, Melissa Bachman (also of Minnesota) got away with it, so the shootists' door swings open time and again in the USA. Kill for fun.

However, our societies will always hatch the ugly elements, as murdering animals is also a hysterically funny pastime in the family of Donald Trump - who will probably express outrage and disgust at the next inevitable American school shooting.

For me, if permissible! these are happy times, and the band and I look forward to the rest of the year ... South and Central America and our shows in Europe. We pray that we live up to your expectations. Please understand that satisfaction comes from the courage of standing up and speaking out, not from holding back. Good times for a change.

I am unwilling to close my mind.

29 July 2015.

recent tour photograph above of Jesse Tobias taken by Christopher Victorio, and printed here with great respect to the photographer.

photograph below by Sam Esty Rayner.

Burger Off!

Four International Awards For Morrissey

29 July 2015

Four International Awards For Morrissey

Morrissey has been offered four international awards in recognition of his contribution to music and also for his work in aid of social justice for animals. The awards are:

1. Mercy For Animals "Hidden Heroes Gala Award", to be presented to Morrissey in Los Angeles in August.

2. People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals "Lifetime Achievement Award" to be presented at the Hollywood Palladium in September.

3. Trinity College Dublin's Philosophical Society's Gold Medal Award for Contribution To Music, scheduled for October.

4. Farm Sanctuary's Special Award for "promoting compassionate living and ending cruelty to farm animals", to be presented in New York in October by Jon Stewart (of the Daily Show) and Tracey Stewart.

Morrissey has commented: "I do nothing in my life with the hope of receiving an award. I do not make music with the hope that I might be patted on the back with a meaningless Grammy bought for me by a major label. Almost everything I do and say goes against the sympathies of the music industry, therefore I am very proud to be offered these four very intelligent awards, and the aim of my acceptance is only and purely with the hope that by doing so I can draw further attention to the modern Holocaust of the meat industry. My firm hope, of course, is that all people will arrive at sophisticated and compassionate enlightenment by understanding how the hidden hell of factory farming and the slaughterhouse and dairy farming is destroying the planet far more than any other known entity, and is an unimaginably evil torture for animals who ask for nothing but to be allowed a chance to live their lives. Animal consumption also places a deadly strain on medical care throughout the US and the U.K, a strain no different to the results of tobacco intake. The meat industry is rotting the world and appeals only to the deadliest aspects of human behavior. The blood-lust must end; KFC and McDonalds and Burger King have made enough money and have murdered more sentient beings than they could have ever wished for. The world does not want or need it any more. The yellow McDonalds "M" is the modern swastika. Meat shits on the world, and social justice for animals will automatically lead to less social violence. Please do not accept the political darkness of animal slaughter. The future is fantastic due to the courage of PETA and Mercy For Animals and Farm Sanctuary. The hellward heart of animal slaughter is closing down as the evil that nobody wants. The world has arrived at a new sophistication, and if you stick with your chicken wings and your cheeseburgers then you remain in darkness and you lack the courage to say 'no' to the politico-economic tyranny of indoctrination. The fact that it is a federal offense in the United States to film inside an abattoir tells us all we need to know: they do not want you to see what goes on inside because, if you knew, the wholesale mass murder within would cause a global uproar. Approve of the meat industry and you approve of Auschwitz. There is no difference. We are forced-fed the disproportionate warning that ISIS constitutes the biggest threat to our societies, yet ISIS has not enacted one atom of destruction equal to the dangers facing all of us by the meat industry.
Please wake up and be a part of the new. The meat industry is the most lethal weapon of mass destruction. Thank you for reading this."

Morrissey Live at Madison Square Garden 2015

22 July 2015

Morrissey Live at Madison Square Garden 2015

filmed by Sam Esty Rayner

Morrissey offered award

11 July 2015

Morrissey offered award

Trinity College Dublin has offered Morrissey an "outstanding contribution to music award" (his first ever such award) which stands as the University Philosophical Society's Gold Medal of Honorary Patronage.
Morrissey has commented: "My initial reaction is to feel undeserving ... my contribution to music being such that no record label on the planet has either the nerve or the imagination to sign me!"
The University Philosophical Society has recorded the presence of many remarkable members including Oscar Wilde, Bram Stoker and Samuel Beckett. Other past recipients of the Gold Medal in their respective fields include Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel.

Photograph by Damon Anacreonte

Morrissey Band 2015 (3)

Morrissey band 2015

1 July 2015

Morrissey band 2015

Morrissey Band 2015

Left to right
Boz Boorer, Jesse Tobias, Morrissey, Matthew Ira Walker, Mando Lopez, Gustavo Manzur.
Photograph taken by Damon Anacreonte in New York City, June 2015

Madison Square "fantastic!" says Morrissey, "and ... of course ... zero label interest ... a sad sign of the times".

Madison Square Garden Billboard

Photograph by Sam Esty Rayner

Morrissey says "thank you to Blondie, our new friends".


Photographer unknown.

Almost one year on since Steve Barnett (Capitol Records) axed World Peace Is None of Your Business, Morrissey confirms that no record label is willing to re-issue the album. "The curse of Harvest Records" is Morrissey's conclusion.


Photographer unknown.

Morrissey is overwhelmed by bids for the Sydney drum head in aid of Gentle Barn.

Dog Amongst Cows

Photographer unknown.

Viva Hate, Your Arsenal, and Vauxhall And I: Limited-edition vinyl pressings to be available in the UK on 20 June

8 June 2015

​Viva Hate, Your Arsenal, and Vauxhall And I: Limited-edition vinyl pressings to be available in the UK on 20 June

Viva Hate And Your Arsenal And Vauxhall And I Gold Vinyl LPs

HMV have announced exclusive limited-edition vinyl pressings of Morrissey's Viva Hate, Your Arsenal, and Vauxhall And I. Five hundred copies of each album, pressed on gold vinyl, will be available at HMV stores in the UK on 20 June.

Morrissey's Autobiography published in the UK today in third edition

7 May 2015

Autobiography UK Third Edition

Morrissey's Autobiography published in the UK today in third edition

Morrissey's Autobiography is published in the UK today in its third edition. The book is available now in paperback and ebook formats.

Morrissey in Sydney

5 May 2015

Morrissey in Sydney

Morrissey will sign copies of his Autobiography on Friday 22 May at Books Kinokuniya at 5 pm.

Reader Meet Author

28 April 2015

Reader Meet Author

Prior to his four sold-out concerts at the Sydney Opera House in Australia, Morrissey will undertake a book-signing on Friday 22 May in Sydney. Morrissey will sign copies of his Autobiography, first published in 2013 by Penguin Classics. Book store location will be announced shortly.
Autobiography is newly available in the UK on May 7th in its third edition.


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