Press release from Susan Blond: Morrissey breaks attendance record at Lycabettus Arena in Athens

18 July 2012

Press release from Susan Blond:


Crowd At Morrissey Concert In Athens 16 July 2012

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Morrissey's July 16th show at Lycabettus Arena in Athens, Greece broke an attendance record that was previously held by Radiohead, as 9,000 people forced their way into a 5,500 capacity venue.

Security officials gave up as 3,500 broke through the main doors. The head of security, who has served the venue for 30 years, said, "I have never seen such determined people."

The stage had already been moved back 4 meters to accommodate the capacity crowd but non-ticketed patrons also lined observation points to the left and right of the arena.

Morrissey said he was "delighted and humbled" by the Athens reception and delivered a blistering set combining new songs such as "Scandinavia" and "Action is my middle name" as well as older songs including "You have killed me" and "I'm throwing my arms around Paris".

Morrissey is currently wrapping up his European tour and will hit the stage in October for his North American tour. He remains without a record deal.