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Photo: Rome, December 2005: Jed Weitzman (of Sanctuary Management) and Morrissey
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Photo: Morrissey in Rome
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Canada: right of reply

23 April 2014

Canada: right of reply

There was something more than slightly desperate in Gail Shea referring to my recent comments on the annual Canadian seal slaughter as "ignorant", as reported in Canada's National Post.
Speaking on behalf of Gail Shea, Sophie Doucet - showing symptoms of the same Shea disorder - stated: "I would urge Mr. Morrissey to consider the impact that his ignorant and inflammatory statements have on the livelihoods of thousands of hard-working men and women in rural communities". I should remind Sophie Doucet that building and maintaining the Concentration Camps of Auschwitz also provided livelihoods, but this hardly made the Camps warranted. Let it also be added that the vast financial benefits of the seal slaughter are not directly intended for those hard-working men and women in rural communities, who, in fact, are merely used by the Fisheries Minister to do the messy task of searing flesh.
Further, Sophie Doucet's shrill tension claims that my anger against Canada's carnival of death: " ... is clearly just another case of a millionaire celebrity, desperate for a hobby".
I can assure Sophie Doucet that I know more about the seal hunt than I wish to know, and only by suppression of humanity could anyone look away and not care. Also, whether a challenge comes from a millionaire or from someone who is homeless is a remark that would only be made by someone of imperious ignorance, who cannot develop the moral debate, and whose own personal financial agenda comes before the lives of thousands of healthy beings.
More importantly, Gail Shea is so constantly absorbed by challenges and counterchallenges of her actions and beliefs that we must wonder why it has not yet occurred to her that she might be doing something wrong. The answer, as it usually is, would be the impossibly constricted mania for financial profit - at any price.
In Western culture, there is no acceptance of the Canadian seal slaughter, and simply because someone bears the badge of Minister does not insulate them from being a disreputable thug. Murder is not debatable, and the people of Canada must speak up and stop this carnage in order to restore the global image of their country. As ever and as always, it is always up to the people to put things right.

23 April 2014
Los Angeles.

This sorrowful Canada

19 April 2014

This sorrowful Canada

The seal hunt in Canada is struggling to make a start this year due to almost no markets, and China especially is refusing to sell Canadian seal meat. Thank you, China!
China has stated that "animal rights protests" are the reason why they have dropped Canada's custom.
The annual East Coast seal hunt/kill started Monday - against a strong wave of trade and court challenges. Europe continues its ban on seal products.
Gail Shea, the federal Fisheries Minister for Canada, says that baby seals are "killed humanely", and explains how the baby seals are shot by high-powered rifles. Is this a death that Gail Shea would wish for herself? Would it make her happy to be shot by a high-powered rifle? If she considers such butchery to be so "humane", why doesn't she place herself amongst the tens of thousands of grey-coated harp seals that will be slaughtered within the next few weeks? She could then test the humane aspect of having her head blown off for herself. Only then could she be thought to speak with any authority on the subject.
Canada is a beautiful country, and the people of Canada are good people. But good people are often ineffectual. Internationally, Canada's sorry image is due entirely to its seal slaughter - which is greedy and barbaric, and it is dismaying to witness such ignorance in 2014. Sound reason tells us that only those of the thinnest intellect wear animal fur, and because the Canadian government are concerned with animals only economically, killing baby seals with lightning brutality is now Canada's primary global image. Until this annual massacre is abolished, Canada itself is regrettably fashionably dead.

16 April 2014
Los Angeles.

Information regarding Morrissey's Autobiography

11 April 2014

Morrissey has rejected the many and varied requests to have his Autobiography translated into several languages. As per his wishes, the book will remain a UK Penguin Classic, and will not be printed in the countries listed on this site some months ago.

Release information and tracklisting for Morrissey's new album, World Peace Is None Of Your Business

11 April 2014

Morrissey's new album, World Peace Is None Of Your Business, is confirmed for July release.

The tracks are:

3 ISTANBUL (4:40)
4 I'M NOT A MAN (7:50)
8 KISS ME A LOT (4:03)
11 MOUNTJOY (5:08)

The record will be released worldwide on the Harvest label through the Capitol Music Group in Los Angeles.

Ticket sales news

31 March 2014

Tickets for Morrissey's show at Santa Ana Observatory went on sale today and sold out in less than one minute.

Vauxhall And I: 20th anniversary remastered edition and bonus live recording release information, sleeve artwork

27 March 2014

Vauxhall And I: 20th anniversary remastered edition and bonus live recording release information, sleeve artwork

Vauxhall And I Sleeve Artwork

Parlophone Records' 20th anniversary remastered edition of Morrissey's Vauxhall And I will be available on CD, vinyl LP, and digital download formats on June 2nd.

The CD and digital download formats will come with a bonus live recording of Morrissey's concert at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, on February 26th, 1995.

Vauxhall And I tracklisting:

"Now My Heart Is Full"
"Spring-Heeled Jim"
"Billy Budd"
"Hold On To Your Friends"
"The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get"
"Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself"
"I Am Hated For Loving"
"Lifeguard Sleeping, Girl Drowning"
"Used To Be A Sweet Boy"
"The Lazy Sunbathers"

Morrissey - Live At The Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, 1995 tracklisting:

"Billy Budd"
"Have-A-Go Merchant"
"Spring-Heeled Jim"
"You're The One For Me, Fatty"
"Jack The Ripper"
"We'll Let You Know"
"Whatever Happens, I Love You"
"Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself"
"The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get"
"The National Front Disco"
"Now My Heart Is Full"

Morrissey to play a special show at Santa Ana Observatory (California) on May 8th

25 March 2014

Morrissey will play a special show at Santa Ana Observatory (California) on May 8th. Tickets for this show will be available on March 31st.

Morrissey Washington DC date

15 March 2014

Morrissey will play at the Lincoln Theater in Washington DC on June 11. Tickets are on sale March 21st.

Parlophone (UK) to issue Vauxhall and I by Morrissey on June 2nd as re-mastered by Bill Inglot; Photograph of Morrissey at La Fabrique Studios in France where the forthcoming World Peace Is None Of Your Business has been recorded

14 March 2014

Morrissey In France

Parlophone (UK) will issue Vauxhall and I by Morrissey on June 2nd as re-mastered by Bill Inglot in Los Angeles. The 1994 album will include previously unused photographs, and will be available on CD and LP.
Morrissey (above) is photographed at La Fabrique Studios in France where the forthcoming World Peace Is None Of Your Business has been recorded.
Photograph by Donnie, with thanks to Paula the dog.


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