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Photo: Rome, December 2005: Jed Weitzman (of Sanctuary Management) and Morrissey
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Photo: Morrissey in Rome
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Alternative Christmas Speech

8 December 2014

Alternative Christmas Speech

Morrissey has politely declined an invitation from Channel 4 Television to deliver an Alternative Christmas Day Speech which would be transmitted at the same time that the Queen delivers her Christmas Day speech for the BBC.

Morrissey has commented:

"My view that the monarchy should be quietly dismantled for the good of England is reasonably well-known, but I don't think Christmas Day is quite the time to be trading slaps. The Queen should be allowed the impassioned trance of her annual address to the British people, if only to once again prove that, in her frozen posture, she has nothing to offer and nothing to say, and she has no place in modern Britain except as a figure of repression; no independent thought required. The Queen very well might be the most powerful woman in England, but she lacks the power to make herself loved, and the phony inflation of her family attacks all rational intellect.
All over the world highly civilized peoples exist without the automatic condescension of a 'royal' family. England can do the same, and will find more respect for doing so."

Final dates

6 December 2014

Final dates

The final dates of Morrissey's current tour are:

December 10 Belgrade, Serbia
December 12 Zagreb, Croatia
December 15 Athens, Greece
December 17 Istanbul, Turkey
Venues remain as previously announced.

The two dates for Holland have been postponed until 2015.

Morrissey in Zagreb

22 November 2014

Morrissey in Zagreb

12 December - Zagreb, Croatia - Zagrebački Velesajam, Paviljon 9 (Zagreb Fair, Pavilion 9)

Morrissey in Belgrade, Groningen, and Tilburg

20 November 2014

Morrissey in Belgrade, Groningen, and Tilburg

Morrissey Belgrade Date 10 December 2014
Morrissey Groningen Date 15 December 2014
Morrissey Tilburg Date 16 December 2014


10 November 2014


Morrissey,one of the greatest poets of any century

i sometimes reckon i'd rather a frontal lobe lobotomy

than be cursed with a brain of such searing primed lyrical monumental pain

for i have sorely realized that to overtly analyze and incessantly scrutinize

entices demons to set up camp in the cranium

yet steven pat ventures into these very camps

looks these terrors up and down with a magnificent frown

and bursts into sublime siren song

seduces them by the flickering firelight

then lies in their araby tents with them all night long

dreaming of an even more malevolent camp to come

then at dawn sneaks away before they ready the cage

back to the studio,then stage

and with lust loathing and rage

sings their praise as they weep for his absence

through this maze of apathy this sage soldiers on gallantly through the storm

gracefully,forcefully,valiantly,i think he's rubbing off on me

this damned elusive Morrissey

Damien Dempsey 2014

Hannover, Germany

6 November 2014

Hannover, Germany

Following the recent predictable attacks of influenza, both the team and I were ecstatic at last night's reception at Hannover. We are very grateful to the crowd for such a huge boost, and we are thrilled to resume what has (sneezes aside) been a triumphant tour for World peace is none of your business. Our thanks will outlive time.
Bass player Solomon is on "compassionate leave", and our new bass player is Mando Lopez, to whom we are instantly indebted.
Our covered wagon rolls onwards ...

Hamburg, Germany
6 November 2014

Morrissey on Ghiaccio Bollente

4 November 2014

The edition of the Italian television program Ghiaccio Bollente airing after midnight tonight on Rai 5 will feature two songs recorded live at Morrissey's recent concert in Milan.

A paperback edition of Morrissey's Autobiography is published today by Penguin Classics in the US

4 November 2014

Autobiography US Paperback

A paperback edition of Morrissey's Autobiography is published today by Penguin Classics in the US.

Lausanne cannot take place

2 November 2014

Due to ongoing influenza amongst band and crew members tonight's show at Lausanne (Switzerland) cannot take place. It is hoped that the show will be re-scheduled for December. Tomorrow's show at Basel looks unlikely, although Wednesday's show at Hannover (Germany) remains firmly in place. Apologies are offered for any inconvenience.


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