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The Animal Rights section features news and information relating to Morrissey's work for animal rights.

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Fur is murder

20 February 2015

Fur is murder

The footage below is PETA's latest breaking exposé of a U.S. mink farm. Fur is loved and enjoyed by the British "royal" family, especially Queen Elizabeth.


2 February 2015


Morrissey has scrapped plans for a show at Harpa Concert Hall in Reykjavik (Iceland) due to the refusal of management at the Harpa Concert Hall to sell only vegetarian food on the night of the projected Morrissey show.
"I love Iceland and I have waited a long time to return, but I shall leave the Harpa Concert Hall to their cannibalistic flesh-eating bloodlust ... " Morrissey has commented.
No other venue in Reykjavik is available.

The Bullfighter Dies / single

8 January 2015

The Bullfighter Dies / single

The 45 pictured below was scheduled for global release by Harvest, but scrapped by Steve Barnett at the last minute. The b-side was the original French mix of the song One of Our Own.

The Bullfighter Dies (1)
The Bullfighter Dies (2)

The shame of beloved Mexico

2 January 2015

The shame of beloved Mexico

I felt delight this week to see serial killer Karla de los Angeles justifiably gored in a bullring in Mexico City against her largely defenseless opponent. Make no mistake: there is no such thing as bullfighting. For the torment and slaughter of each bull there is an avowed plan and a strict script, so therefore there is no possibility of a contest of any kind. Yet there is the illusion of contest and action even if the order of events is very efficient - so efficient, in fact, that whenever the bull "wins" it is reported that the event has 'gone wrong'. But why could anything go wrong if a contest is fair? Whenever the matador is suddenly at a disadvantage, other matadors rush to her/his aid, and they stab the bull. However, the bull is not allowed support from other bulls should he find himself similarly in trouble. For this reason, the event is superficial and can only appeal to people who have no intelligence.
Driven by perverted impulse, Karla de los Angeles wants to kill another being that has actually posed no threat to her, and her radio comment following this week's failed attempt to out-wit a dying bull had de los Angeles confessing:
"I am sad because I could not cut off the bull's ear."
Well, Karla, please understand this: we are sad that the bull did not come away with YOUR ear.

Most tourist guides still list 'bullfighting' as a sport, yet nothing about the event is sporting. In actual and undeniable fact, it ought to be listed in travel publications as 'torture' because to the intelligent mind, it does not qualify for any other description.
This torture of bulls provides a small degree of employment in Mexico, as does the torture of humans at the U.S. detention center at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba. The fact that some people will pay money to watch bull torture is immaterial because, after all, paedophilia presumably entertains the paedophile, but no one has yet described paedophilia as a sport.
The lack of moral heroism from Karla de los Angeles and her co-killers Hilda Tenorio and Lupita Lopez represents the very worst aspects of Mexican life, and for 2015 I wish all three women the very worst, for the very worst is their rightful due.

Thanks for reading this.

1 January 2015.

Morrissey on Ghiaccio Bollente

4 November 2014

The edition of the Italian television program Ghiaccio Bollente airing after midnight tonight on Rai 5 will feature two songs recorded live at Morrissey's recent concert in Milan.

A paperback edition of Morrissey's Autobiography is published today by Penguin Classics in the US

4 November 2014

Autobiography US Paperback

A paperback edition of Morrissey's Autobiography is published today by Penguin Classics in the US.

A paperback edition of Morrissey's Autobiography will be published by Penguin Classics in the US on 4 November 2014

30 October 2014

A paperback edition of Morrissey's Autobiography will be published by Penguin Classics in the US on 4 November 2014.


24 October 2014


As the first part of our tour concludes, we express over-emotional thanks to everyone who attended the shows. It has been fantastic for us, and it brings a new sense of accomplishment for which, again and again, we thank you.
The generosity of the Spanish and Italian print media has also been quite breath taking, and their support is inspiring. An added joy for me was to sing "The bullfighter dies" on television in Rome, and to sing both "The bullfighter dies" and "Kiss me a lot" for television in Milan. Capping the excitement so far:

1 Bologna, ITALY (17 Oct)
2 Pescara, ITALY (19 Oct)
3 Madrid, SPAIN (9 Oct)
4 Barcelona, SPAIN (10 Oct)
5 Florence, ITALY (21 Oct)
6 Padova, ITALY (22 Oct)
7 Lisbon, PORTUGAL (6 Oct)
8 Rome, ITALY (14 Oct) second night
9 Rome, ITALY (13 Oct) first night
10 Milan, ITALY (16 Oct)

We, too, were shocked by the venues in Roma and Milan - both abysmal - Milan quite shockingly abysmal... not a theater at all ... just a field with a roof. I have never looked out at such an unhappy, uncomfortable and trapped audience in my life. We all did our best. Consider the many majestic concert halls in Milan, and yet there we were on a brutal patch of waste ground on the edge of the city. It was unfathomable. I should stress that we have no idea what the venues are like until we arrive at them. Thankfully, everywhere else was a proper hall.

Autobiography is one year old, and continues to sell very well. It is the people who buy the book that provide inspiration.
There are several record labels interested in releasing World peace is none of your business. I hope this happens soon. The carefully preserved monotony of the music industry is a decline inflicted upon all of us by the dumb and the sterile, and their old tyranny should not be allowed air. Speak up and shout out!
Forgive a further mention of the homemade videos on You Tube that cover the songs from World peace is none of your business, but their number is quite phenomenal, and their articulate intensity proves that the people are ahead of the labels when it comes to understanding the songs.
But of course!

Vienna, Austria
24 October 2014

Morrissey on Gazebo

12 October 2014

Morrissey will sing The Bullfighter Dies live on Italian television tonight. The show is Gazebo (Rai 3), and is recorded at the RAI Teatro delle Vittorie, Via Monte Asolone 13, Roma. The show begins at 11:45 pm, and Morrissey will sing at 11:50.


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